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The African leather story began with desert tent-making, saddle wear and weaponry.

The Guinean writer Camara Laye wrote,

" Sometimes only the spirit of a tradition survives; sometimes only its form. It's outer garments, as it were, remain.”

Professor Victoria Rovine wrote that rather than traditional garments today being a loss of cultural significance, it serves as a comforting reminder that a deep rooted, binding tradition has simply evolved into a new form of relevance.

Many of these accessories are made by artisans from one of the worlds oldest nomadic tribes, the Fulani tribe, famous for their rich pastoral history and leatherworking skills.

Kenyan Maasai use leather hides to make defense shields.

Nomadic Fulani tribesmen used leather to craft tents for their journeys around much of the continent.

Today, these skills passed down are making their way to you in the form of these multi-functional accessories for all global citizens.

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